Rafaelo® Procedure

Rafaelo® Procedure is a perfect alternative in cases where sealing is unsuccessful and requires several applications and where the surgery causes these types of discomfort.

Hemorrhoids can be treated with the new HPR45i probe. This new and advanced technique is easy to use and very effective on 2-4 hemorrhoids.Treatments can be done in a few 15-20 minute sessions under local anesthesia. Patients do not experience pain after the treatment, thus the post-surgery care should be at a minimum level and the return to normal daily activities is fast.



Dr. Klos from the Kriocentrum Clinic developed this technique 3 years ago and performed more than 2000 procedures. He used all available techniques during his 25 year experience. Klos believes Rafaelo® Procedure should be considered as the gold standard for this type of treatment.



  • Child care treatment.
  • Only local anesthesia.
  • Fast return to daily activities.
  • Minimum discomfort during treatment.
  • No or minimum bleeding after treatment.


  • Only local anesthesia
  • Fast clinical results
  • No post-surgery care.
  • Easy to learn the procedure.
  • Cost effective and efficient treatment.

Are you curious to see how it works? Watch our simplified animated video and/or a treatment video below.